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Mobile User Interfaces for WordPress Blogs…

June 7, 2012

It’s indeed the era of mobile computing. With social networking sites like Facebook already thriving on it’s 488 million mobile user base, this wave is yet to hit the APAC region. Tabs and mobile computing is doing great in US and it will pay rich dividends for sure, no matter what the market says about the Facebook IPO being a Goldilock IPO.

Mobile Marketing

It was a simple realization today morning When I went through my blog on a basic Blackberry phone, I was pretty thrilled..!  Like a child I had a first look at of the blog on an ipad later. It was simply awesome…!!! One has the drive to write more once you see a beautifully crafted, yet simple blog on a comparatively smaller interface. The best part is that even the dot in the ‘i’ and the fullstops are proportionate.

However, when i use this same theme for my PC or Laptop, the theme changes. There are absolutely no margins  on the left (as you might be reading by now and must have observed it…!). So does this theme add value to my blogging experience? The Theme should be compatible across all platforms. Maybe we need to evolve more…

READ THIS BLOG ON YOUR MOBILE FOR A START! Leave a comment or opinion about your experiences too. Let’s connect soon…!

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  1. Yogi permalink
    June 7, 2012 1:40 PM

    Good read. A question – How are we going to fathom the mobile users in APAC? Any suggestions please?

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